Classic Hikes of North America

Praise for Classic Hikes of North America

What media and other writers say about Classic Hikes of North America:

One of our finest chroniclers of climbing tells us what we need to enjoy North America's most spectacular hikes. Potterfield's writing is elegant and engaging: Open "Classic Hikes of North America" to any page and see if you don't feel you're already out there.

-Michael Shnayerson, Vanity Fair contributing editor and author of Coal River

Classic Hikes of North America is a thoroughly researched guide to spectacular hikes... Striking photos and beautiful maps accompany the fun to read descriptions, and his accounts will make you want to load up your pack and follow in his footsteps!

-Ed Viesturs, high altitude climber and author of No Shortcuts to the Top

Peter is the best informed, the most complete, readable and exhaustive hiker in North America... This tome is invaluable.

-Richard Bangs, co-founder, Mountain Travel Sobek and author of Quest for the Sublime

Writing from the soles of his feet and the bottom of his heart, Peter Potterfield delivers equal portions of inspiration and practical information Turn a few pages, and readers will find themselves looking to a calendar to set dates for the 25 hikes detailed in this magnificent book.

-Andrew McLean, author of Backcountry Skiing and Beyond

Few people have wandered as many spectacular places around the world as Peter Potterfield... Brought to life with beautiful photography, rich descriptions and practical details to guide almost anyone, every page of Classic Hikes inspires wanderlust.

-Gordon Wiltsie, author of To the Ends of the Earth

With its thorough research, accessible information and stunning images, this book makes me long to get out into the wilds of America, and walk!

-Maria Coffey, founder of Canada's Hidden Places Travel and author of Explorers of the Infinite

For those of us who yearn to explore North America's glorious backcountry, Peter Potterfield's impeccably researched book provides a perfect resource from which to plan the remainder of our hiking lives!

--Lynn O'Rourke Hayes, Adventure Traveler, Syndicated Travel Columnist, Dallas Morning News, and Editor,

Breathtaking, yes. And beautiful, beguiling, beckoning... Peter's new collection of Classics is sure to be on the top of every hiker's pack list!

--Jennifer Jordan, Author of Last Man on the Mountain

Every explorer and arm-chair traveler needs to buy this book. Classic Hikes of North America delivers expert information on the best trails, when to go, and what you'll see - all beautifully illustrated with detailed maps and Peter Potterfield's iconic photographs.

--Nancy Prichard Bouchard, climber and journalist

Peter Potterfield's latest book, Classic Hikes of North America makes you want to quite your job, lace up our books and head to the mountains. Packed with awe-inspiring photographs, handy tips and elegant writing, Classic Hikes of North America gives you a good idea of the many unexpected pleasures on the trail.

--Marybeth Bond, National Geographic author and founder of

A showcase and pragmatic guide to 25 readily attainable treks. Potterfield's careful winnowing of the hidden gems will appeal to beginning backpackers or grizzled adventurers. As for me, one down, only 24 more to go!

--Jonathan Waterman, Author of Running Dry: Flowing through Conflict